Meet the Illustrator



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Heleen Brulot (Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands) got her education
as an illustrator at The Royal Academy in The Hague in The Netherlands.
She lived and worked for 10 years in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, with
her husband and 2 children. They often made long trips by car through
beautiful regions in Sub-Sahara Africa. During the drives a lot of
children’s books were read to the children in the back seat. Matilda,
The BFG and Pippi Longstocking were all there in the Okavango-Delta,
at Kilimanjaro and in the Namib-desert. Today, Heleen’s children have
left these books behind, but she never did. Since returning to live in
The Netherlands, Heleen has been illustrating children’s books. More
of her illustrations can be viewed at her website: